Vera Canevazzi Art Consulting is a studio specializing in art consulting in Milan, active in different sectors of the art market: from consulting for the purchase of artworks and their valorization, to the market positioning of artists, the organization of exhibitions and their communication.
Our mission is to support individuals, companies, artists, galleries, cultural institutions, architectural and legal firms in the management and enhancement of their art collections. The leadership of Vera Canevazzi, a long-time expert in the art world, and the collaboration with a team of highly qualified professionals in the art, management, legal and communication fields, allow us to offer cutting-edge services in the art field.
We are committed to providing high-quality services customized to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Study and evaluations

Economic and conservative valuation of works of art, including the preparation of simple, sworn and sworn appraisals for insurance, conservation, judicial purposes or for the division of property between heirs. Find out more

Exhibition management and curatorship

We specialize in organizing and curating exhibitions in private and public spaces, art galleries, museums, and foundations, coordinating all phases of planning, production, transportation, set-up, graphics, and communication. Find out more


Collaboration with masters, universities, and corporations to provide up-to-date training on art advisory and art advisory, market, and evaluation of artists and artworks. Find out more

Collection management

Customized service for the management and enhancement of art collections through cataloging, study and evaluation of works. We advise on the formation of new collections, starting with the client's personal taste, needs and budget. Find out more

Digital Advisory & Social Media 

Developing digital communication strategies for artists and galleries, including creating or redoing a website, branding activities, building a corporate image, and planning a digital marketing strategy on social media. Find out more 

New technologies for art

Optimizing art enjoyment through the use of augmented reality for advising, evaluating, and purchasing artworks, as well as creating immersive exhibition experiences in galleries, art fairs, and museums. Find out more