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"Jodice/Canova" photography exhibition, dedicated to the shots of Mimmo Jodice.
Organised by the Italian Cultural Institute in Hong Kong
at Novalis Art Design in Hong Kong
Exhibition dates: 12-28 May 2022
Critical essay in the catalogue: Vera Canevazzi

Novalis Art Design is delighted to host the traveling exhibition Jodice/Canova, organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in Hong Kong, after various stops in Bassano del Grappa, Milan, Arezzo, Mexico City and San Marino, which will then travel to Shanghai later this year. Jodice/Canova combines two Italian artists from different eras: one of the greatest sculptors of European Neoclassicism and one of the greatest interpreters of contemporary Italian and international photography; a union that combines ideal and real, body and soul, matter and image. Mimmo Jodice interprets seventeen of Canova's sculptures with fifty-two shots, dedicating 4-5 of them to each work. He selects viewpoints, maintaining a 1:1 scale between the sculptural detail captured and the size of the photographic print. He seeks a visceral connection with Canova, with his vision, his creative process, and in approaching his sculptures he relives their bodily naturalness, enhances the softness of their flesh, bringing them to life. In the photographs, the works of Jodice and Canova really become a duo, a pairing and mirroring of two great artists that together crystallize the ability of art to be eternally emotional.

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