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Title: Spellbound
Maurizio Donzelli, Paola Pezzi
Alberto Fiz, Marco Tonelli
Press and public preview:
Thursday, July 6, 2023 12:00 p.m.
Exhibition period:
July 6-September 3, 2023
Opening hours:
Friday 4 p.m. - 7 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. 
Exhibition venue:
Palazzo Martinengo Cesaresco, via dei Musei, 30, 25121 Brescia BS
published by Skira, with texts by Ilaria Bignotti, Alberto Fiz and Marco Tonelli
Press Office:
Vera Canevazzi Art Consulting: Vera Canevazzi, Chiara Stefanini
Graphic design:
Third-year students from the School of Graphic Design at the SantaGiulia Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia, coordinated by Francesca Rosina and Massimo Tantardini
Produced by:
Mechanics of Wonder
Under the auspices of:
Province of Brescia, Municipality of Brescia
In the context of:
Bergamo Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023

Supported by: Brescia Province Events Foundation, Brescia Museums Foundation 
Supported by:
Brescian Community Foundation, ASM Foundation
With the collaboration of:
SantaGiulia Academy of Fine Arts, The Press Company, Pubbliesse

The Association Mechanics of Wonder presents the third exhibition stage of "A Middle Generation" - a multi-year project dedicated to contemporary Brescian art - with the exhibition "Spellbound" dedicated to Brescian artists Maurizio Donzelli (1958) e Paola Pezzi (1963). A double solo exhibition with two curators, the Turin-based Alberto Fiz for Donzelli and the Roman Marco Tonelli for Pieces, articulated in the spaces of Palazzo Martinengo Cesaresco in Brescia. With the title of the exhibition "Spellbound", which means "enchanted," "bewitched," a term used by Alfred Hitchcock in the 1945 film of the same name, is meant to allude both to that enchantment that the relative has toward the work and to the encounter between two artists who have tried to be mutually enchanted by their respective visual investigations. A sequence of works that are also embedded and mirrored by merging into the path in the exhibition, calling the audience to an intense visual immersion and seducing their gaze.
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