Vera Canevazzi Art Consulting is a studio based in Milan that provides art consultancy services to individuals, companies, artists, galleries, cultural institutions, architectural and legal firms. It operates mainly in the fields of art advisory, art wealth management and exhibition management. 
Since 2020, it has developed new services related to augmented reality, both in the field of exhibition and acquisition consulting.
Directed by Vera Canevazzi, it draws on a network of different professionals working in the artistic, managerial, legal and communication fields.


Vera Canevazzi

After studying art history at the University of Milan and the Fondazione di studi di storia dell'arte Roberto Longhi in Florence, Vera Canevazzi moved to New York, where she worked with the Chelsea Art Museum.
His passion for contemporary art became a profession with his collaboration with the Lia Rumma and Mimmo Scognamiglio galleries and with the Pecci Museum in Milan. Subsequently, she served until 2017 as director of the Cortesi Gallery (London, Lugano, Milan) since the opening of the first location in Lugano in 2012. The international scope of the gallery and the ongoing relationship with institutions, archives and artists allowed her to specialise in post World War II art.

Since 2018 she has been working as an independent art consultant and art advisor for artists, collectors, galleries, museums, publishing houses, law firms, architectural firms, private companies.

Since 2019, he has been a lecturer at the SantaGiulia Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia and a Lecturer at several masters including "Economics and Management for Art and Culture" of the 24Ore Business School; "Innovative Art Management' at the University of Pavia and 'Arts Management' at the Catholic University of Milan.

Since 2020 he has been a technical consultant (CTU) for the Court of Milan on 20th century art. In the same year he published with Franco Angeli Editore the book "Professione Art Consultant", a guide to orientate oneself in the world of art and, specifically, in the world of art consultancy.

Exhibition portfolio lectures and publications

Margherita Strada

Margherita Strada trained as a contemporary art historian at the Università Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore in Milan. She has worked in contemporary art in Italy and abroad. 

In 2015 she starts her collaboration with Cortesi Gallery in the Lugano office as Gallery assistant and then in 2017 she becomes Exhibition coordinator, PR and Social Media Manager in the Milan office. At Cortesi Gallery she follows and produces several exhibitions and editorial projects. 

In 2019 she starts her collaboration as an in-house curator and editorial coordinator at Moshe Tabibnia's BUILDING Gallery. For BUILDING she supervises and produces several exhibitions.

In 2020 she works for the company Testa per Testa, founded by Gemma De Angelis Testa, to promote and produce exhibitions dedicated to Armando Testa, father of Italian advertising and international artist. In 2020 she is Assistant Collector Manger of the Gemma De Angelis Testa Collection.

In 2022 she became a partner/associate of Vera Canevazzi Art Consulting as Art Consultant and PR and Social Media Manager.

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chiara stefanini

After a literary and art-historical education at the University of Milan and the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, she obtained a master's degree in Economics and Management for Art and Culture at the Sole24ore Business School, acquiring specific skills in the art market and cultural heritage management.

Passionate about contemporary art and interested in promoting young emerging artists, she has been working with Spazio Volta since March 2021. In 2019, she did an internship at the Fondazione Stelline in Milan, following the institution's various exhibition and organisational activities.

As Intern of the Vera Canevazzi Art Consulting studio, she is in charge of art consulting and exhibition organisation.


ilaria bignotti
curatorial consultant

Grazia Cavanna
consultant restorer

beatrice ravelli
management consultant

chiara mortaroli
digital marketing consultant

Ludovica Monarca
press office

Caterina frulloni
art advisor


Art For

The Art For project combines traditional art consultancy with new technologies, virtual reality and the art market, developing them in a single process that is carried out in full dialogue and harmony with the client, by a team that includes proven professionals and performs all the functions required to grow and strengthen a reality that produces, collects and preserves art.


APICE provides integrated services uniquely dedicated to the protection of works of art during handling, transport, exhibition and storage using the highest quality resources and technologies. With offices in Milan, Florence, Rome and Venice, APICE is the reference point in Italy for the logistics of works of art. The company employs highly specialised personnel for the logistical and technical coordination of services and has large spaces with security and thermo-hygrometric control, intended for the storage of works of art.