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Exhibition title: Dis-Play
Artist: Riccardo Ten Colombo
Edited by: Vera Canevazzi
In collaboration with Italian Cultural Institute of Hong Kong
Location: Novalis Art Design Gallery, Hong Kong
Exhibition period: February 17, 2023 - March 11, 2023

Riccardo Ten Colombo in his solo exhibition Dis-Play at the Novalis Art Design Gallery in Hong Kong takes us into a playful, social and participatory dimension. Indeed, play allows us to create a spontaneous relationship with objects, to transform their use, meaning and form, to unite the real with the imaginary, to make a connection with the world of childhood and to prefigure our future.

Thus Riccardo "TEN" Colombo in the works belonging to the "Cromoblock" series, metal dowels on magnetic boards, combines craftsmanship with industrial production, collective art with individual art, choosing an aesthetic that "bridges" between the twentieth-century avant-garde and the metaverse.

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