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One of those texts that every collector, artworker and university student should read [...] Impeccably written, this book lends itself to being devoured and once finished you have the insane desire that what you have in your hand is only the first issue of a larger series dedicated to the art professions.

Since January 9, 2020 is in bookstores the new book by Vera Canevazzi: "Professione Art Consultant", published by FrancoAngeli.

Art today offers many opportunities for professional development. Finding your way is possible if you acquire targeted skills and focus on your goals.

"Professione Art Consultant" wants to be a guide to orient oneself in the world of art and, specifically, in the world of art consultant: a figure, new in Italy, who works between creation and artistic enjoyment.
Analyzing and evaluating works of art, providing advice on buying and selling, designing site-specific artistic interventions, are some of his most typical activities that are illustrated in a clear and analytical way in the book.

The volume is not only aimed at students or those who are building a career path, but also at professionals established in the art market, collectors, or simply art passionates.

Author: Vera Canevazzi
Title: Profession Art Consultant
Foreword: Ilaria Bignotti
Publisher: FrancoAngeli
Publication: January 2020
On the cover: by Ivan Picelj

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