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Exhibition title: Cosmic Entropy
Artist: Tiziana Lorenzelli
Edited by: Vera Canevazzi and Margherita Strada
Azimut Group, Palazzo Bocconi, Corso Venezia 48, Milan
Opening: Wednesday, April 12 - 7 to 9 p.m. by invitation only
Exhibition period: April 13-April 24, 2023, Mon-Fri: 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Azimut Group is pleased to present "Entropia Cosmica," a solo exhibition in Milan by artist, architect and designer Tiziana Lorenzelli (Lecco, 1961). The exhibition, curated by Vera Canevazzi and Margherita Strada, is set up in Azimut Group's offices in the Palazzo Bocconi, Corso Venezia 48 in Milan, in front of the Indro Montanelli Public Gardens. Through an exhibition itinerary that unfolds on the facade of the building and in the common areas of Azimut's offices, Tiziana Lorenzelli's works offer an original and profound vision of the concept of entropy, inviting visitors to reflect on the transitory nature of the universe and life, as well as on the manifestations of nature that, although apparently chaotic, are actually based on precise mathematical rules. With site-specific installations, photographs and a digital work, the artist thus demonstrates his versatility and multidisciplinarity through the use of different media and expressive languages that intertwine and feed off each other in an artistic production that evolves and renews itself while keeping in focus the goal of placing man and matter in relation to the mysteries of nature and the cosmos.
Curatorial assistant: Chiara Stefanini
Intern: Maria Vittoria Fuochi
In collaboration with Cortesi Gallery
Digital media coordinator: Chiara Mantegazza
Logistic coordinator: Federica Rigitano
Setting up photo: Matteo Piazza
PR: Morino Studio
Event photographers: Ludovica Liparoti and Federico Fogliata, DAMS students
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