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Curator: Vera Canevazzi
Artist: Giulia Maiorano
Gallery: Ncontemporary, Milan
Exhibition Period: 28 March – 3 May 2019

Ncontemporary presented in the new spaces of the Milanese gallery SINAPSI, the first solo exhibition of the artist Giulia Maiorano (Milan, 1991), curated by Vera Canevazzi.
The exhibition included five series of works, three of which never shown before. It focused on the genesis of the artistic creation.

In the scientific field, the synapse is a chemical and electrical phenomenon that puts incommunication neurons, creating connections and exchanges. This mechanism is found again also in the artistic process. Giulia Maiorano's research is based on the interaction between work and play, irony and seriousness, the interior and exterior world, the public and private sphere. Art and life are so closely connected and intersected: one sets the other in motion.

The exhibition was completed by a small publication in which some excerpts from a conversation that took place in the gallery between Giulia Maiorano and Patrick Tuttofuoco during the preparation of the exhibition Sinapsi. The exchange focused on various aspects concerning the figure of the artist, the genesis of artistic creation, the theme of the game, the first solo exhibition and the art system in general.

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