Study and cataloguing of artistic heritage through archival and bibliographic research. The authors of the works or the artistic field, the year or period of execution, stylistic influences, exhibition history and changes of ownership are determined. If the author or his heirs are still alive, the authenticity of the artefacts will be checked and the certification procedure initiated. The same procedure is followed for artists' catalogues raisonné, researching all the works produced in order to reconstruct the complete artistic production and make it available to collectors and institutions.

Assessments of the value of works of art based on their author, executional characteristics, state of preservation and market value. Attribution to an author is supported by bibliographic, photographic and archival research. In the case of contemporary art, the authenticity of a work is also verified by comparison with the artist, heirs and foundations. The quality of the artefact, artistic techniques, dating, state of preservation and any restoration work carried out are assessed. By comparing the data obtained from the research with the auction results and market demands, the economic value of the artwork is defined. Sworn and sworn expert reports are also carried out.