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Tiziana Lorenzelli

Edited by Vera Canevazzi

19 May 2022 - 22 July 2022
Cortesi Gallery Lugano, Via Nassa 62

Photographs: Matteo Piazza

Installation view: Lucrezia Roda

Cortesi Gallery in Lugano is pleased to present 'Naturalismo Cosmico', a solo exhibition by Tiziana Lorenzelli curated by Vera Canevazzi.

An eclectic and transversal artist, Tiziana Lorenzelli transforms the gallery's spaces into a universe of metallic and brilliant installations, some specially conceived for the exhibition.

The works on show, from large site-specific installations to small "floating" sculptures, are made with a material created by the artist: ALUFLEXIA® Recyclable Aluminium, an aluminium sandwich, 100% recyclable, flexible and light, easily moldable, capable of maintaining its final shape.

Nature is the main theme of the exhibition. In Tiziana Lorenzelli's perspective, Nature is the assortment of multifaceted terrestrial and cosmic forms, a mechanism of forces that regulate it, and the increasingly urgent need to protect it. The artist conceives Nature in transformation and evolution through the connection with other elements: the surrounding space, light and us, the viewers and witnesses of the Universe’s Cosmogony – the creation and becoming of the celestial world. Tiziana Lorenzelli recreates a cosmic-spatial dimension dominated by fields of forces. She encourages the spectators to immerse themselves in a sculptural constellation, where each artwork and the surrounding environment are designed and created together.

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