Tags: Archives and Foundations / Artists

Digital consulting work in the creation of the Antonio Bassanini archive website.

Following the success of the exhibition "Antonio Bassanini Costruttore del Novecento" at the ADI Design Museum in Milan that ended on January 15, 2023, for which Vera Canevazzi oversaw the project management, Bassanini's heirs decided to create a website dedicated to the figure of the entrepreneur who redesigned the face of Milan and Italy, with photographic material, videos, documents, critical texts and updates on projects and activities. Vera Canevazzi together with Beatrice Ravelli created the website, taking care of the graphics and all the content of the different sections from the biography, to the construction site, to all the different types of buildings, to the interactive map where users can discover the constructions built by Bassanini moving on a map of the Milanese and national territory.

Working team: Vera Canevazzi, Beatrice Ravelli, Chiara Stefanini, Giovanna Franco Repellini, Andrea Strambio De Castillia, Chiara Bassanini, Giovanni Rho

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